Front Cover & Filter Unit

This section contains the front cover in the various types, the different filter bodies and canisters, associated parts and tooling.

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Seal - Oil Filter Centre Bolt Automatic

Product no.: KM-18-508380

Seal - Oil Filter Centre Bolt All variants and all years



In stock

Gasket - Front Cover - Late

Product no.: GUG705562GM

Front Cover Gasket, this is for one gasket for a later 1979 onwards.

In stock

Gasket - Oil Filter Housing

Product no.: KM-18-GUG705552GM

Gasket - Filter Head Unit to Front Cover

In stock

Master Internal Soft (Rubber) Seal Kit

Product no.: KM-18-0002

Master Internal Soft (Rubber) Seal Kit

In stock

Cover - Front with Park

Product no.: DAM5246
In stock

Canister - Oil Filter Mini - Used

Product no.: 37H140

Used Oil filter canister NOT NEW

In stock

Oil pipe fitting, case to engine - Late type (USED)

Product no.: DAM7601
In stock