Shipping and payment

We can ship to most countries, if your country or region is not listed please simply send us an email with your details and we will add your country to the database.

All Goods and Services belong to AP2 World until paid in full, goods cannot be disposed of until paid in full.

Shipping is at our discretion and we may at times be forced by local and country law to alter or remove a serive from our website, this would mean a full refund to yourself the customer.

If by mistake we have quoted a price for shipping on this website which does not cover the cost we are not at liberty to accept the transaction and a further charge to correc this will be respectfully requested or a full refund will be given, if we have quoted shipping by email we will honour that price.

If an item is lost in transit, we follow the shipping companies terms and conditions for the length of time required by them before the package or packages is deemed lost and a replacement or refund is sent out to you.

We only send using registered post, this may add a little extra cost however it adds a lot more certainty that your package/s will arrive in good order and on time.

We will always endeavour to work with you our customer to ensure a smooth transition.