Transfer case & Low Pressure Valve

Parts for the transfer case and the low pressure valve, the low pressure valve is the aluminium casting held on by 5 x 1/4 UNC screws to the lower area of the transfer case. this section also contains associated parts and tooling

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Seal - Stator to Convertor

Product no.: BAU4848

Seal - Stator to Convertor

In stock

Gasket - Low Pressure Valve

Product no.: GUG705568GM

Gasket - Low Pressure Valve to Transfer Casing

In stock

Gasket - Transfer case Late type

Product no.: KM-18-GUG705684GM

Gasket - Transfer case Late type

In stock

Cover - Selector Bell Crank Quadrant

Product no.: 22A1704
In stock

Seal - Stator - USE BAU4848

Product no.: 27H7657

Seal Stator


New Selector "Cross Shaft", late type 5/16" (8mm) Dia shaft

Product no.: 13H6585

Seal - Cross shaft or selector seal

This seal is for the later type 5/16" (7.9mm) cross shaft.

In stock
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