Differential Unit

Contains parts and tooling to rebuild a standard diff unit, also contains any special diff units, such as LSD, cross oin etc.

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Holder - Top & Reverse Clutch Hub

Product no.: VLC-18G1095

This tool is for holding the Top & Reverse Clutch Hub.

This allows you to remove the large nut on the other side (Forward Clutch side) for changing the final drive ratio, and or the bearings on the hub assembly.

Genuine V L Churchill Ltd Tool.

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Seal - Driveshaft - Late type

Product no.: ADU5738

Late type (smaller for POT joints)

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Gasket - Diff Side Cover

Product no.: GUG705573GM

Gasket - Diff Side Cover

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Gasket - Differential Upper 1979 onwards

Product no.: GUG705571GM

Gasket - Differential Upper 1979 onwards

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Gasket - Differential Lower

Product no.: GUG705572GM

Gasket - Differential Lower

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New Seal - Hard seal kit

Product no.: KM-18-HS_KIT_LATE

This is the Hard seal kit for late type AP2 units 1979 onwards including JDM (SPi/MPi)

Main converter oil seal

Stator converter oil seal

Driveshaft oil seals x 2

Cross shaft / selector shaft oil seal

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