Actuator Assembly

The actuator is the aluminiu, part that operated by the valve body then changes that medium of force into a hydraulic action on the brake bands, this area contains the parts, associated perts and tooling to strip and repair this unit.

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Master Internal Soft (Rubber) Seal Kit

Product no.: KM-18-0002

Master Internal Soft (Rubber) Seal Kit

In stock

Cover - Front with Park

Product no.: DAM5246
In stock

New Seal - Hard seal kit

Product no.: KM-18-HS_KIT_LATE

This is the Hard seal kit for late type AP2 units 1979 onwards including JDM (SPi/MPi)

Main converter oil seal

Stator converter oil seal

Driveshaft oil seals x 2

Cross shaft / selector shaft oil seal

In stock